Frequently asked questions

Why are we at G7?

As young people, we have not experienced a time before the climate and ecological emergency - we have grown up watching the endless excuses and promises being made, and we’re yet to see any of the radical action needed to tackle this crisis. We have seen from Covid how our government can respond to crisis, and we won’t sit at home this G7 and let yet more promises be made and broken without a fight! (non-violent of course)

Who counts as Youth?

Here at extinction rebellion youth UK, we see anyone under 30 as youth, and have members as young as 14. In 1990 the IPCC published their first report and the UN started negotiating around climate change, as a movement we were all born after this and as such have never known a time before the climate and ecological crisis. Inaction is all we’ve known, and we welcome any young people into our movement to create the change we’ve been promised and still not yet seen.

What sort of stuff do you actually get up to?

As a decentralised movement, it is up to local groups to decide what they want to do, which can include all sorts of actions - die ins, flyposting, marches, banner drops, urban gardening, lock ons, occupations, and so many more! At the moment though, we’re at G7 - watch out on our socials to see what cool stuff our rebels are doing down in cornwall to protest.

How do I get involved?

You want to get involved, amazing! Our usual system of expressing interest isn’t currently working (hence why it isnt in it’s usual place on the “join us” page - many apologies), but feel free to send a dm to our socials or email and the media and messaging team will work through all the messages after G7

What is your stance on Non-Violence and the Police?

We recently had a people’s assembly on this subject, ahead of G7 - the results of this can be found here in the form of a full statement on the matter

alternatively a highly condensed overview of this doc can be found on our instagram: @xryouth_uk

what are we doing with Covid?

At G7, we are taking covid very seriously, and doing as much as possible to keep people safe whilst protesting. All XRY members have taken two covid tests before coming to Cornwall, and masks are highly encuraged or manditory depending on the action and the ability to socially distance.


The timing is horrible, but the donate button is not currently appearing, and our digital team are protesting at G7! If you would like to donate we cant stress enough how much we appreciate your gererosity in allowing youth envirnmentalism to continue - for now please send an email to expressing an interest and as soon as tech support are no longer in a cornish field, we’ll send the fundraiser your way