28 Jun

Highlights from XRY at G7 2021 Cornwall

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23 Jun

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28 May

Repost from @theclimateresilience

The fab people at the Resilience Project are training 12 young people, in pairs, to run their own 8-week resilience programmes through their Resilience Residential, a nature retreat in Sussex (July 19-23rd). Designed by youth campaigners, if you want to develop skills that boost our resilience, climate campaigns and mental health, go check them out.

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25 May

People’s Assembly - June 1st 4

The whole of XRYouth UK is invited to a people’s assembly on our relationship with Police ahead of G7 and beyond

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22 May

Today (22/5), 3 Youth Activists have joined in an Animal Rebellion action, blockading the distribution centre for McDonalds in Hemel Hempstead

Located approximately 18 feet off the ground, these young activists said the following “McDonalds embodies every argument there is to go plant based. We’re doing this for the animals, the planet and the people. Animal Agriculture is the 3rd biggest emitter of Greenhouse Gases worldwide and we are here to urge McDonalds to transition to a plant based menu by 2025”

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1 May


An @xryouth.bath rebel has been arrested as part of today's #RO1, where hundreds of people took to solitary protest against the governments lack of action against the climate crisis. Will YOU be a bystander in this emergency?

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13 Apr

Global petition

Join us and sign now, LINK IN @XRYouthSolidarity BIO!

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29 Mar

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Will you take part in the #MyRightMyLife Challenge for #KilltheBill✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

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17 Mar

Quick toolkit for some practical steps to oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill

The second reading of the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill was passed on March 16th by the Conservative government. This Bill currently awards the police new powers to clamp down on protests they deem “disruptive”. It introduces new powers for policing demonstrations and makes huge changes to public order legislation to allow police to criminalise anyone using civil disobedience and direct action tactics.

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8 Mar

The links between women's oppression and the climate and ecological crisis are deeeeeep

Have you realised how society sees nature as something to be conquered and dominated in order to exploit and profit from its resources? 💪🌲💰

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4 Mar

The Future of Conservation


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9 Feb

The report by the Independent Panel of Experts investigating WWF’s role in alleged human rights abuses committed in protected areas under its aegis, published by WWF on 24 November 2020, found that the conservation organization repeatedly fell short of meeting its human rights obligations over years in multiple countries

[...] failing to adequately prevent, respond to and remedy multiple allegations of murder, rape, torture, and severe physical violence committed by WWF-supported ecoguards against indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs). Panel describes how WWF consistently failed to uphold its human rights commitments across various protected areas, yet fails to make logical conclusions regarding WWF’s complicity in these abuses or adequately hold the organization responsible[...]

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1 Feb

🇳🇬‼️"And like a pack of hungry wolves, they descended on us violently"🔫🐺

👀Statement from Juwon, on his violent arrest, beatings, and 11-day incarceration at the hands of the Nigerian Police and corrupt Buhari regime. He and the others face trial on Feb 5th.

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1 Feb

🔥 The Battle of Euston is ongoing

The brave activists on site including young people and XR Youth rebels are risking their lives to get a very important message out: we’re in a climate and ecological emergency and we cannot afford HS2.

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6 Jan

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13 Dec

Local group spotlight

Today XR Youth Taunton took part in an action to raise awareness of the pollution levels in our rivers and the damaging consequences of river pollution💀🌍

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11 Dec

*All I want for Christmas is Climate Justice* 🎄🎅🎁☃️❄️

XRY UK have just launched our fundraiser, and we need you to share it with whoever would usually be struggling to think of what to get you for Christmas, and instead ask them to support XRY groups. The money raised will be then be made available to local groups for art supplies/actions etc so make sure to get everyone in you local group to share too :)

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9 Dec

✊🏿🌳Resisting modern 'Fortress conservationism' is at the core of our fight to mitigate climate and ecological collapse today

From its historical colonial context right up until how organisations (such as @wwf ) continue to work today, the mainstream Western conceptualisation of conservation (Fortress Conservation) is actually doing far more damage to the environment and to the Indigenous and local communities who are guardians of most of the worlds biodiversity. This is SERIOUSLY affecting our ability to mitigate further climate and ecological collapse.

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25 Nov

🎓👀yo, have you ever been f*cked off at older people telling you to stop messing around? Or when they tell you to act maturely and stop being a kid? Good

Alternatively, have you ever looked down on someone younger or "less-mature" than you? Well stop! You're not helping anyone. And definitely doing more harm to our chances of mitigating the climate crisis.

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17 Nov

Join @xryouthbristol next Tuesday at 7

It's so important to protect yourself and other rebels around you by ensuring that your chats (both online and in real life) can't be used by the police. This workshop should make you feel more confident in how to keep rebels safe, and is recommended for ALL activists!

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8 Nov

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